Supply Chain Finance Marketplace
and E-Invoicing Platform
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TradeFin is a supply chain finance marketplace where Suppliers get paid early, corporations improve their sales and profitability and financiers make attractive returns with low risk

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How do we do it?

Utilizing the power of cloud and blockchain technologies and combining that with network of financiers and innovative processes, TradeFin structures customized programs for the corporation to unlock cash stuck in the supply chain.

Dynamic discounting

Vendor financing

channel financing



  • Pay your suppliers on your terms and not theirs
  • Higher Profitability and Sales
  • Reduce A/P processing costs
  • Inject liquidity into supply chain



  • Access to Cash in two clicks
  • Get Paid when you want

    and at your terms

  • Free e-invoicing software
  • Reduce A/R processing costs


  • Access to Short Term, high

    return and low risk asset class

  • Real Time Data for underwriting

    and credit risk monitorig

  • Expanded Service offering

    to clients

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